“Corcoran is the biggest threat in the Governor’s race”

“Corcoran is the biggest threat in the Governor’s race”

“The Speaker is emerging as everyone’s favorite target in the governor’s race.  And he’s not even running.  While on the stump, in media and digitally, Democrats have attacked Corcoran with alarming regularity – Gwen Graham, Andrew Gillum, and even Philip Levine...Putnam and Latvala have also been consistent in their attacks.

Could it be that Corcoran is the most dangerous candidate to all of the above?

This summer, the Speaker has been quickly raising money ($4 million in 100 days) as well as assembling a top-notch political team (including admen and the winning pollster for President Donald Trump and Gov. Rick Scott).  The Speaker also has a strong conservative record to lean on, which would make a compelling case in a Republican primary.

In addition, all polls show the race wide-open – with some giving Corcoran double digits (despite not yet being an official candidate).  That this is happening so early in the race is noteworthy.

(FloridaPolitics.com, 09/30/2017)